Dark Destiny

Session 02 - The Cult Village

The "heroes" investigate strange goings on in a small village

While traveling back to Senis, the party elected to take a side-road to avoid encountering patrols and undesired attention from either Wystmere or Koll. While staying at an inn near a small sea-side town, they overheard strange rumors about another town further up the road. Upon arrival, initially nothing appeared amiss but soon little details seemed out of place.

With some investigation, the party uncovered a cult mistakenly believing they would be summoning a djinn but in actuality summoning a demon. Things were further complicated by the arrival of four paladins from the Wystmere Templars investigating the cult and casting suspicious glances at the party. Unknown to the party, four scouts from the Kollian army also snuck into town, hunting the party.

Events reached a crescendo wherein the cult was performing a ritual in the hidden chamber beneath the village church, the Templars were burning the cultists out of their sanctuary, the Kollians were attacking the Templars, and the party was simply trying to remain unnoticed and unharmed.



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