Dark Destiny

Session 03 - The Library

The "heroes" attempt to do some research

Arriving in Senis, the party sought out the Library of Rall Tamon to research the prophecy of the Dread Lord. Admission to the Library required a pass signed by two of the three head librarians, Raest, Tchab, and Myrn; Dr. Tyndle was able to convince Raest and Tchab for their signatures.

However, upon investigating the library, little concrete information was found regarding the Dread Lord or anything relating to him. Hints were found in a collection of books cataloged as mythology and legends. Meanwhile, Tchab was more than a little suspicious of the party members, not to mention a little annoyed, and attempted to dispatch a message to the Templars of Wystmere alerting them to the party’s presence but this message was intercepted and, with a little trouble, altered to be innocuous.

Finally, Artemis was able to gain the confidence of the Senis representative, Myrn, and get him to recall some potentially useful details: a former assistant librarian was obsessed with the Dread Lord before ultimately being hung for poisoning the head librarian at the time, Jenom. Further investigation revealed a hidden chamber located off an old office space in the basement of the Library in the official records catalog.

It appeared that the contents of the room had suffered a fire and was burned to ash, but some investigation turned up a sealed satchel of oiled leather containing a burned-out Ioun stone enchanted with permanent Light, and a book. The book was mostly in codes and ciphers but contains notations from Cenak.



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