Dark Destiny

Session 04 - The Passage

The "heroes" find an alternate entrance

The party travels by ship to the north. Arriving there, they find a land that was formerly a swamp, now drained by dikes and windmills and converted into fertile farmland. The largest community in the region, Sivut, is situated above the lowlands on the curve of another smooth, well-formed road extending east-southeast and west-southwest. An amateur archaeologist could easily see that the town is built upon the ruins of a much older city.

The party meets Persal, the “king” of this town, an uncouth former farmer who had recently declared himself king with some kind of supernatural aid. Questioning his ex-girlfriend, the party learns that he was not too bright before, but recently purchased an old ruin and came back from exploring it a changed man.

Meanwhile, Persal has ordered the party to go about getting some farmers back to work. Confronting the farmers, they tell how they have been kicked off their land and refused permission to return by a small army of Templars from Wystmere. While investigating further, the party sneak attacks a Templar roadblock. Victorious, they move further toward the old ruin at the end of Ring Finger Ridge but encounter a besieging force of Templars surrounding the ruin.

Seeking temporary lodgings while deciding on a strategy, the party takes refuge in the fourth, abandoned farmhouse. There they discover a secret entrance to a goblin warren. Working their way through the tunnels, the party realizes that it is a secret escape route from the old fortress, and if they can only get past the goblins and some undead, they will come up in the fortress inside the Templar siege.

While exploring the tunnels, the party discovers evidence that a necromancer had recently raised the inhabitants of a crypt as an undead horde, and it is this necromancer and his horde that are under siege by the Templars.



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