Dark Destiny

Session 05 - The Necromancer

The "heroes" kill three birds with one undead stone

Entering the basement of the abandoned fortress, the party hears the sounds of conflict coming from above. It seems that the besieging Templar force has engaged the necromancer’s undead horde! Electing to let the outnumbered paladins and overwhelming undead fight out their battle, the party instead investigates a mysterious hidden door.

They find that the amulet is a key to opening the door, and within is a vault chamber containing four chests. The chests each bear a runic sigil of an animal: bear, owl, snake, and fox. Through trial and error, the party discovered that each animal sigil corresponded to one of them: the bear was Celmar, the owl was Dr. Drek, the snake was Bromus, and the fox was Artemis. When the proper arrangement was discovered, the four chests opened to reveal items useful to each party member.

After taking a rest in the secure vault, the party emerged to ascertain the results of the battle. It appeared that the undead horde had suffered significant losses but had nonetheless triumphed over the Templars. The fallen Templars were then raised as undead as well, recouping the losses. The party snuck into the main keep, fighting a minor scuffle with a few of the undead that nearly resulted in the deaths of Bromus and Celmar.

The party did some healing and continued on, discovering the focus of the ritual that empowered the undead horde, a candle burning with an enchanted flame. In a stroke of luck, Bromus was able to subvert the ritual and wrest control of the horde from the necromancer. With a few of the undead, the party confronted and defeated the necromancer, questioning him regarding his mysterious “master”.

Realizing that the undead horde would become depowered when the enchanted flame burned out, and only another day’s supply of candles, the party decided to make use of the undead horde immediately. Some were sent out to hunt down the remnants of the Templar force, while the rest were dispatched to Sivut to ransack the town and kill Persal. The party then “saved the day” by dispatching the remnants of the horde.

As a reward, the party claimed Persal’s hoard of treasure. Bromus donned Persal’s chain crown, and discovered that it was a cursed crown of Command that temporarily damaged the wearer’s wisdom. However, Bromus put the crown to good use, ordering the town about, before the rest of the party managed to rescue him from the cursed item’s grasp.



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