The former "king" of the town of Sivut


Persal was a farmer from the small town of Sivut. According to his ex-girlfriend, he was not very bright but otherwise typical.

For some time, Persal had been saving up his money to buy a new property and start a whole new farmstead. Approximately the same time the party set out from Koll, Persal purchased a plot of unused land at the tip of Ring Finger Ridge known to contain an old ruin that may have at one time been a monastery. Packing his bag and bidding his girlfriend farewell, he set out to inspect his purchase.

He returned several days later a changed man. He wore on his head a chain crown he had found in the ruin. The magic crown blessed him with the power to command those around him, but cursed him with even more diminished wisdom. It was with this crown that he declared himself king of the town and began demanding tributes from his former friends and neighbors.

He had collected a respectable hoard of goods, wealth, and items by the time a party of four adventurers arrived from the south. By this time, problems had arisen on Ring Finger Ridge, with a small army of Wystmere Templars kicking farmers off their property and refusing to allow locals to re-enter their homes. Persal ordered the adventurers to deal with the Templars and put the farmers back to work.

A few days later, a horde of undead swept up Ring Finger Ridge and assaulted the town of Sivut. Too much happened in the chaos for anyone to be certain of events, but what is known is that the four adventurers returned from dealing with the Templars too late to save the life of king Persal. However, they did avenge him by eliminating the undead horde through some means, presumably magic.

While alive, he had a penchant for punctuating his royal orders by throwing clay goblets, often smashing them on the ground or else drenching the person receiving the order in cheap wine.



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