Dark Destiny

Session 06 - The Kobold Tribe
The "heroes" convince some kobolds to serve them
Session 05 - The Necromancer
The "heroes" kill three birds with one undead stone

Entering the basement of the abandoned fortress, the party hears the sounds of conflict coming from above. It seems that the besieging Templar force has engaged the necromancer’s undead horde! Electing to let the outnumbered paladins and overwhelming undead fight out their battle, the party instead investigates a mysterious hidden door.

They find that the amulet is a key to opening the door, and within is a vault chamber containing four chests. The chests each bear a runic sigil of an animal: bear, owl, snake, and fox. Through trial and error, the party discovered that each animal sigil corresponded to one of them: the bear was Celmar, the owl was Dr. Drek, the snake was Bromus, and the fox was Artemis. When the proper arrangement was discovered, the four chests opened to reveal items useful to each party member.

After taking a rest in the secure vault, the party emerged to ascertain the results of the battle. It appeared that the undead horde had suffered significant losses but had nonetheless triumphed over the Templars. The fallen Templars were then raised as undead as well, recouping the losses. The party snuck into the main keep, fighting a minor scuffle with a few of the undead that nearly resulted in the deaths of Bromus and Celmar.

The party did some healing and continued on, discovering the focus of the ritual that empowered the undead horde, a candle burning with an enchanted flame. In a stroke of luck, Bromus was able to subvert the ritual and wrest control of the horde from the necromancer. With a few of the undead, the party confronted and defeated the necromancer, questioning him regarding his mysterious “master”.

Realizing that the undead horde would become depowered when the enchanted flame burned out, and only another day’s supply of candles, the party decided to make use of the undead horde immediately. Some were sent out to hunt down the remnants of the Templar force, while the rest were dispatched to Sivut to ransack the town and kill Persal. The party then “saved the day” by dispatching the remnants of the horde.

As a reward, the party claimed Persal’s hoard of treasure. Bromus donned Persal’s chain crown, and discovered that it was a cursed crown of Command that temporarily damaged the wearer’s wisdom. However, Bromus put the crown to good use, ordering the town about, before the rest of the party managed to rescue him from the cursed item’s grasp.

Session 04 - The Passage
The "heroes" find an alternate entrance

The party travels by ship to the north. Arriving there, they find a land that was formerly a swamp, now drained by dikes and windmills and converted into fertile farmland. The largest community in the region, Sivut, is situated above the lowlands on the curve of another smooth, well-formed road extending east-southeast and west-southwest. An amateur archaeologist could easily see that the town is built upon the ruins of a much older city.

The party meets Persal, the “king” of this town, an uncouth former farmer who had recently declared himself king with some kind of supernatural aid. Questioning his ex-girlfriend, the party learns that he was not too bright before, but recently purchased an old ruin and came back from exploring it a changed man.

Meanwhile, Persal has ordered the party to go about getting some farmers back to work. Confronting the farmers, they tell how they have been kicked off their land and refused permission to return by a small army of Templars from Wystmere. While investigating further, the party sneak attacks a Templar roadblock. Victorious, they move further toward the old ruin at the end of Ring Finger Ridge but encounter a besieging force of Templars surrounding the ruin.

Seeking temporary lodgings while deciding on a strategy, the party takes refuge in the fourth, abandoned farmhouse. There they discover a secret entrance to a goblin warren. Working their way through the tunnels, the party realizes that it is a secret escape route from the old fortress, and if they can only get past the goblins and some undead, they will come up in the fortress inside the Templar siege.

While exploring the tunnels, the party discovers evidence that a necromancer had recently raised the inhabitants of a crypt as an undead horde, and it is this necromancer and his horde that are under siege by the Templars.

Session 03 - The Library
The "heroes" attempt to do some research

Arriving in Senis, the party sought out the Library of Rall Tamon to research the prophecy of the Dread Lord. Admission to the Library required a pass signed by two of the three head librarians, Raest, Tchab, and Myrn; Dr. Tyndle was able to convince Raest and Tchab for their signatures.

However, upon investigating the library, little concrete information was found regarding the Dread Lord or anything relating to him. Hints were found in a collection of books cataloged as mythology and legends. Meanwhile, Tchab was more than a little suspicious of the party members, not to mention a little annoyed, and attempted to dispatch a message to the Templars of Wystmere alerting them to the party’s presence but this message was intercepted and, with a little trouble, altered to be innocuous.

Finally, Artemis was able to gain the confidence of the Senis representative, Myrn, and get him to recall some potentially useful details: a former assistant librarian was obsessed with the Dread Lord before ultimately being hung for poisoning the head librarian at the time, Jenom. Further investigation revealed a hidden chamber located off an old office space in the basement of the Library in the official records catalog.

It appeared that the contents of the room had suffered a fire and was burned to ash, but some investigation turned up a sealed satchel of oiled leather containing a burned-out Ioun stone enchanted with permanent Light, and a book. The book was mostly in codes and ciphers but contains notations from Cenak.

Session 02 - The Cult Village
The "heroes" investigate strange goings on in a small village

While traveling back to Senis, the party elected to take a side-road to avoid encountering patrols and undesired attention from either Wystmere or Koll. While staying at an inn near a small sea-side town, they overheard strange rumors about another town further up the road. Upon arrival, initially nothing appeared amiss but soon little details seemed out of place.

With some investigation, the party uncovered a cult mistakenly believing they would be summoning a djinn but in actuality summoning a demon. Things were further complicated by the arrival of four paladins from the Wystmere Templars investigating the cult and casting suspicious glances at the party. Unknown to the party, four scouts from the Kollian army also snuck into town, hunting the party.

Events reached a crescendo wherein the cult was performing a ritual in the hidden chamber beneath the village church, the Templars were burning the cultists out of their sanctuary, the Kollians were attacking the Templars, and the party was simply trying to remain unnoticed and unharmed.

Session 01 - The Oracle
The "heroes" set out on a complicated mission

Four members of the Kollian army—a brawler foot soldier, a fighter sergeant, a wizard strategist, and an oracle doctor—are summoned for a special assignment. They learn of their complicated orders through Veit, the emperor’s slimy chief adviser.

Emperor Denicus Koll wishes to start a new military campaign, but his superstitious beliefs force him to wait until he hears of positive portents and signs from the Oracle at Senis. A squad of four men has been dispatched to carry an amulet, recently unearthed on an expedition in the southlands, to the Oracle. Veit is suspicious of the loyalty of these men, however, and the party is sent to shadow them. If they prove to be untrustworthy or traitorous, they are to be “dealt with” and the party is then to complete the original mission of obtaining the Oracle’s prognostications. Artemis cleverly deduces the next logical step and wonders who is assigned to follow and “deal with” them if it should come to that, but he keeps his misgivings to himself for now.

Less than a day into their week-long journey, the party discovers that the first squad has been set upon by bandits. Three are already dead and the fourth is executed before their eyes. A short skirmish between the bandits and the party leads to the death of all three bandits. Celmar located and secured the amulet. Later, the party discovers that they are indeed being followed by a third squad of Kollian soldiers, and the next morning the party sets about vexing their pursuers by breaking a wheel on their horsecart and setting it ablaze.

Arriving in Senis a few days later, the party learns that their reason for traveling there, the Oracle Carabatos, has been imprisoned by the Templars, a faction in Wystmere. Traveling to that city a week’s journey further west of Senis, the party learns some of the politics there and seeks some helpful advice from Jalmis, leader of the Guard, a faction that opposes the Templars. From him they learn where Carabatos is likely being held and endeavor to free him through guile (ie, accidentally drugging the warden).

With Carabatos freed, they wisely decide to vacate Wystmere. The Oracle says he must have a bloom of the White Gem flower to perform his prognostications, and after a minor misadventure that nearly leaves the party as permanent tree-from residents of a druids’ grove belonging to the Guard, they obtain the necessary flora.

Carabatos experiences a vision and tells the party that not only does Denicus Koll’s new military campaign appear doomed to defeat, but only death awaits the party on their return to Koll. However, it appears that someone within the party has the capacity to fulfill the prophecy of the return of the Dread Lord from hundreds of years ago, and his compatriots will become his lieutenants. The party learns that they should seek more information from the Library of Rall Tamon in Senis.


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