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  • Denicus Koll

    Denicus Koll is the ninth in a line of brutal but efficient warlords ruling over the city of [[Koll]]. His chief advisor is the slimy [[:veit-1|Veit]].

  • Veit

    Veit is the sneaky and conniving chief adviser to Emperor [[:denicus-koll|Denicus Koll]]. Rumors persist that he has attempted the overthrow of Denicus several times, but each time the emperor discovers Veit's treachery and yet spares his life.

  • Raest, Tchab, and Myrn

    Not one character, but three. Each is a representative to the [[Library of Rall Tamon]] from one of the three major cities of Old Gilm. Tchab is a representative of [[Wystmere]] and a member of the [[Templars]], Raest is a representative of [[Koll]], and …

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