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The party:

  • Artemis, a drill instructor and fencing master, quick and nimble.
  • Bromus, a wizard and clever strategist.
  • Celmar, a wild brawler who kills with brute strength and sharp spikes.
  • Dr. Drek, an old and slightly infirm doctor.


  • Denicus Koll, the 9th Lord Koll, Emperor of Koll
    • Veit, Denicus Koll’s slimy chief advisor.
  • The Dread Lord, a dead ruler who once presided over most of Old Gilm, now lost to legend and myth.
  • Carabatos, the oracle. His death is questionable.

Additional minor characters.


Our story takes place in the realm of Old Gilm, on the continent of Istilir. Prominent places include:


  • “Cryptomnesis”, a book containing codes and ciphers that appears to have been left by the Dread Lord.
  • The amulet, an amulet of interest to Carabatos, the oracle, but with unknown properties.

Main Page

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