Four members of an evil warlord’s army are sent on a strange mission in a hostile region, carrying a mysterious amulet. The mission takes an unexpected turn when they learn they will be killed if they return home, but that they might be the fulfillers of a prophecy to be the ancient Dread Lord reborn. The four would-be Dread Lords are:

  • Artemis, a drill instructor and fencing master, quick and nimble.
  • Bromus, a wizard and clever strategist.
  • Celmar, a wild brawler who kills with brute strength and sharp spikes.
  • Dr. Drek, an old and slightly infirm doctor.

The group found a book of codes and ciphers that seemed to be left by the Dread Lord and which, when deciphered, seemed to be a guide to the prophecy. Following clues in the book, the group has discovered the ruin of the Dread Lord’s fortress Ezedrun.

Dark Destiny

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